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Take the Drivers Auto Know (DAK) Pledge whether your an Auto Repair Shop or you're a driver willing to make a change.



DAK has developed a four part philosophy meant to keep everyone accountable for their actions, to provide a resource that can be used to educate and empower all of us to be better, drivers, passengers & consumers.



The 8ight Essentials are a tool for Pledged Auto Shops and Drivers to learn about the car as it relates to the human body, food, sex, and money, things we all understand.



Make a promise to your community to be of resource for education, empowerment, and a leader to change the perception of the automotive industry, one woman, one driver, one auto repair shop at a time. 


Taking our call to action into action! Together we will change the perception of the automotive industry and make a positive impact for the next generation.

one woman, one driver, one PPA Pledged Auto Shop at a time. 


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