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Essential #5 

Like your lungs, filters are your car's Respiratory System


Recommended Change Intervals




Cabin air filter – replace annually.


Oil filter – replace with every oil change (regular oil every 3,000 miles; synthetic oil every 7000 miles).


Fuel filter - replace every 24,000 miles (a restricted fuel filter will shorten the life of the fuel pump).


Air filter – check with every oil change; replace at least annually and when dirty.


Estimate of repair time: 20+ mins

Changing your filters on the reccomended service interval is golden. It’s a simple way to ensure that your engine operates at its optimum performance, as well as eliminating a restricted air flow condition as the result of a dirty air filter, or another system being clogged. 
Have you ever ran a marathon while having an asthma attack? Every breath you take counts, and that philosophy carries over to your vehicle. If a filter is dirty, it puts a strain on the system it filters. We check your exhaust and filters.
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