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Knowledgeable -  adj. - intelligent and well informed.


empowerment - n. - the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

Fuel and energy is the food for your car's Digestive System.


Fuel and energy is that food that makes your vehicle go. To keep your vehicle healthy and running smooth, KNOW WHAT YOU EAT. It matters! We check the health of your digestive system.


Gotta have heart!


You can't deny the macdaddy of all hardworking electrical parts. One loose connection and you’re dead. We check your battery, starting, and charging systems.

Your car's dashboard is like your Brain & Immune System.


Dash lights are like synapsis in your brain telling you how your vehicle is feeling. Look at the colors of the icons on the dashboard. They're like those on a traffic light.





Neglect will cause you to break down, get stuck on the road, waste your time and waste your money. Rubber is used to transport fluids to each system, and support structure of your vehicle. Being Proactive offsets system failure. We check your rubbers.


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Like your lungs, filters are your car's Respiratory System


Have you ever ran a marathon while having an asthma attack? Every breath you take counts, and that philosophy carries over to your vehicle. If a filter is dirty, it puts a strain on the system it filters. We check your exhaust and filters.


Your car has Senses & Sight just like you do!


Use your intuition and pay attention. 90% of accidents are caused by poor visibility. You need to see and others need to see you. We check to ensure you have a great sense of sight, smell, look & feel!


Are your car's Reflexes better than yours?


No matter how cat-like your reflexes are, if your vehicle's brakes aren't working properly, you're in trouble. We check your brakes,steering, front end & suspension to make sure your vehicle's reflexes are as good as yours.

Your car has a Circulatory System just like you.


Your circulatory system keeps blood pumping through your veins, like the fluids that run through the systems in your vehicle. We check your fluids!


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1.) Maintenance

2.) Repairs

3.) Safety




To be of service to your community making our roads a safer place.


The 8ight Essentials as a tool to empower and educate drivers, consumers, and passsengers.


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